Thanks to the foresight of C.R. "Call Me Bob" Lindquist, William H. "Hotel" Ellis, Bill Keithan and Dan McClaskey, who thought it important to track and stay in touch with those retiring (or otherwise leaving Westin), WAA was formed in 1990.

Early on, Pat Carey was enlisted to provide a typed list of eligible members and later Larry Dustin transformed the original list to create the WAA database. The first Roster was prepared, published and distributed in 1991.

For many years Larry Dustin and his wife Penny accepted responsibility for copying, collating and mailing copies of this database to fellow alums around the world. Eventually, an organization was formed, a Board of Directors installed and officers elected to manage the business of the entity. Since 1990, Larry has maintained the vital database and William D. "Dollar" Ellis has managed the association's finances beginning in 1993. In 2005 Ray Sylvester launched WAA's website. In recent years, Jorg Neuenhaus has contributed enormously to our efforts by collecting and accurately reflecting information about members living in Mexico; Denis Forrestal and Andrew Jones perform similar duties in Canada and Asia/Pacific, respectively.

As an entity, WAA has a shared legacy with Starwood Hotels & Resorts, but there is no formal relationship between the two organizations.


The Westin Alumni Association (WAA) is dedicated only to: (a) maintaining an accurate database of former Westin colleagues who meet membership criteria, and (b) providing members with access to that data (initially in printed format, now online). There is no cost attendant with membership per se, but annual donations are welcome.


Those individuals employed by Westin (and its affiliated companies) prior to December 1994, and holding positions indicated below are eligible for membership in WAA:

  • Hotel executive committee members, department heads and supervisors.
  • Corporate staff, including regional offices.
  • Surviving spouses of former members.